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FingerTec AdapTec Plus Power Supply

350.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec AdapTec Plus power supply combines power supply and door access controller features in a compact casing for an encrypted and secure I/O function, enhancing door access control functionalities and easing installation processes. The AdapTec Plus is an exceptional FingerTec accessory in a small package

Fingertec Smart AC1 TD Entrance Access Control Masked Face Recognition

3,750.00 AED Exclusive VAT

Recommended for all types of small and large offices, school, government building, hospital, residential and hotel.

Fingertec R3C Slave Terminal

945.00 AED Exclusive VAT
  • Design with Access Control in Mind Fits perfectly in narrow spaces and door frames.
  • Comprehensive Card Options Standardise One Option For All Card Access

Fingertec Face ID 3 Face Recognition And Card Reader Access control machine

1,350.00 AED Exclusive VAT
Fingertec Face ID 3’s advanced face recognition terminal. Building on the facial recognition technology, Face ID 3 uses high quality infrared cameras to scan your facial features and verify your identity. Face ID 3 is designed to cater to the demand for a contactless solution in biometrics recognition, while maintaining its quality performance and high reliability.

Fingertec H2i Time Attendance Machine

745.00 AED Exclusive VAT
Small in size, with full biometric device features.Fits perfectly in narrow spaces and door frames

FingerTec R3 Door Access and Time Attendance System

1,350.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec R3 is the latest biometrics door access and time attendance product from FingerTec, which combines modern technologies, great design and amazing functions all in One. This machine is equipped with a 2.4-inch colour LCD and an intuitive touch panel. It’s built tough to withstand daily use. There are multiple methods of verification, including password, card, fingerprint and card. It has many great features and time attendance features. For your convenience, FingerTec R3 makes your life more fun and secure.

Fingertec R2c Door Access and Time Attendance System

745.00 AED Exclusive VAT
With the combination of R2 and R2c, both entrances and exits are controlled by secured biometrics keys, providing users with absolute comfort and value for money. FingerTec R2 series also offers the most commonly used communication protocols.

FingerTec R2 Door Access & Time Attendance System

1,250.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec R2 Door Access uses minutiae point matching fingerprint technology, an advanced algorithm to match the stored fingerprint template with the live one to guarantee

FingerTec Q2i Door Access and Time Attendance System

1,725.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec Q2i Door Access solutions are astounding hi-tech fingerprint time attendance and door access devices with an impressive design. With an exceptional storage capacity and equipped with the latest precision fingerprint scanning algorithm VX10.0, the Q2i

Fingertec M-Kadex Simple Door Access Readers

660.00 AED Exclusive VAT
A combination of either the Kadex or the m-Kadex with the exit slave readers makes a complete and cost-effective in-out door access system for those who prefer the traditional punch card system with a modern

Fingertec Kadex U Simple Door Access Readers

715.00 AED Exclusive VAT
Fingertec Kadex U access control devices provide a complete and cost-effective in-out door access system with a modern touch. The Kadex and m-Kadex can be programmed with a total of 50 time zones – perfect for companies with shift

Fingertec K-Kadex Simple Door Access Readers

245.00 AED Exclusive VAT
Fingertec K-Kadex Simple is designed to be stylishly in sync with the Kadex series, can be mixed and matched to any master terminal in the series as a more cost effective option for an exit terminal.The k-Kadex is easy to install and manage, giving you a simple

FingerTec Ingressus IV Access Controller

1,450.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec Ingressus IV Access Controller is FingerTec’s latest advance access controller which supports access control up to 4-doors. In short, FingerTec Ingressus IV can be described as a 4-In door controller. A total of 4 Wiegand input ports is available in FingerTec Ingressus IV Access Controller.

FingerTec Ingressus II Access

1,300.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec Ingressus II Access supports access control for a 2-door environment. Users verify their identities at the relevant Wiegand terminals by fingerprint,

FingerTec Ingressus Access Controller

1,150.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec Ingressus Access Controller is the most intuitive access control model in this style, designed to work with access terminals to provide an additional layer of protection against unwanted

Fingertec I-Kadex Simple Door Access Readers

325.00 AED Exclusive VAT
  • Compact DesignFits in Most Narrow Spaces and Door Frames
  • Dustproof with Water Resistance IP65 Rated