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ZKTeco UA300 Biometric Time Attendance Fingerprint Card and Password, 3-inch Screen

490.00 AED Exclusive VAT
ZKTeco UA300 Biometric Time Attendance Fingerprint Card and Password, 3-inch Screen UA300 adopts the brand new firmware and provides an

ZK F18 Fingerprint Time and Attendance Machine

480.00 AED Exclusive VAT
F18 is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control applications, offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. The F18 features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZK high-performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor. The device offers the flexibility to be installed standalone or with any third party panel that supports 26-bit Wiegand. All the operation can be done on the TFT-LCD. The fingerprint image will display on the screen . That will guide the user to put the finger on to proper position and increase the recognition rate.TCP/IP and RS485 are available that the device can be used in different network.

FingerTec Face ID 5 FTD with Imaging Temperature Detection Terminal

4,480.00 AED Exclusive VAT
The hybrid face and palm recognition access device, with temperature scanner and face mask detector for the new norm and safety standards

Fingertec Face ID 3 Face Recognition And Card Reader Access control machine

1,350.00 AED Exclusive VAT
Fingertec Face ID 3’s advanced face recognition terminal. Building on the facial recognition technology, Face ID 3 uses high quality infrared cameras to scan your facial features and verify your identity. Face ID 3 is designed to cater to the demand for a contactless solution in biometrics recognition, while maintaining its quality performance and high reliability.

Fingertec H2i Time Attendance Machine

745.00 AED Exclusive VAT
Small in size, with full biometric device features.Fits perfectly in narrow spaces and door frames

FingerTec TA200 Plus Time Attendance

1,350.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec TA200 Plus fingerprint time attendance FingerTec TA200 Plus is an astounding hi-tech fingerprint time attendance device with an impressive

FingerTec TA100C Time Attendance Machine, Multimedia Color Fingerprint Series

1,200.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec TA100C Fingerprint Time & Attendance System provides your company with accurate data at all times,providing not only total convenience but also workforce effectiveness for your business operation.

Fingertec TA500 Time Attendance Machine

685.00 AED Exclusive VAT
Complete Package includes: FingerTec TA500 Fingerprint Time clock, Time Management Software, Connection Cable, User Manuals, 60-Days Technical Support

FingerTec Face ID 5 Hybrid Face Recognition

2,445.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec Face ID 5 Hybrid Face Recognition FingerTec Face ID 5 series is the latest face and palm verification terminal

FingerTec TA500-R Time Attendance

745.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec TA500-R is easy to operate, connect it to the power source and it’s ready to roll! Comes with in-built battery, you can make it portable for your

FingerTec TA100C-R Time Attendance Machine

1,050.00 AED
FingerTec TA100C-R is equipped with TCP/IP connectivity and when that is not available, a USB flash port can be used to transfer transaction logs into your

FingerTec R3 Door Access and Time Attendance System

1,350.00 AED Exclusive VAT
FingerTec R3 is the latest biometrics door access and time attendance product from FingerTec, which combines modern technologies, great design and amazing functions all in One. This machine is equipped with a 2.4-inch colour LCD and an intuitive touch panel. It’s built tough to withstand daily use. There are multiple methods of verification, including password, card, fingerprint and card. It has many great features and time attendance features. For your convenience, FingerTec R3 makes your life more fun and secure.

Fingertec R2c Door Access and Time Attendance System

745.00 AED Exclusive VAT
With the combination of R2 and R2c, both entrances and exits are controlled by secured biometrics keys, providing users with absolute comfort and value for money. FingerTec R2 series also offers the most commonly used communication protocols.

FingerTec Face ID4 Face Recognition Readers & Time Attendance System

1,850.00 AED Exclusive VAT
Face ID 4 is loaded with powerful microprocessor that can process facial authentication method for accurate personal identification and for collection of precise data for time attendance and door.  

Fingertec Face ID 3 Face Recognition Readers

1,800.00 AED Exclusive VAT
Fingertec Face ID3 is FingerTec’s advanced face recognition terminal. Building on the facial recognition technology, Fingertec Face ID3 uses high-quality infrared cameras to scan your facial features and verify your

Fingertec Face ID2 Face Recognition Readers Access Control Time Attendance

1,785.00 AED Exclusive VAT
Fingertec Face ID2 is a new device for access control and time attendance that not only verifies identity using fingerprint matching, but also uses a new technology that can run a facial recognition